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Administrative Penalty under FPERA

The Office of the Fire Commissioner has released a bulletin to inform local authorities and local assistants of the process involved in requesting consideration for the Fire Commissioner to impose an administrative penalty, under section 15.1(1) of The Fires Prevention and Emergency Response Act (FPERA),on a person who has been non-compliant with addressing an order issued by a local assistant or a designate. Read OFC 16 - 003 Administrative Penalties.


Building Code Requirements for Life Safety

Delegation of Authority

This bulletin is to inform local authorities, local assistants and individuals delegated authority by the local assistant under section 23(3) of The Fires Prevention and Emergency Response Act (FPERA), that the appointment of any person to the position of local assistant, or those delegated authority by the local assistant, and operating within the provisions of the FPERA, is under the direction and supervision of the local authority. OFC16 - 002 Bulletin Appendix A & B

Fire Code

Temporary Traffic Control Procedures

Safe work procedures for temporary traffic control must be developed and put in place by the employer, and firefighters must be trained to follow these procedures. Read bulletin - OFC WS&H No. 265