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Online Learning - ICS-100 Incident Command System

Prerequisite: None

Course Description:This introductory course will cover the basics of the Incident Command model of emergency management. All members of Emergency Services should take this course so they are aware of how the Incident Command model works. There is no cost for this on-line course.

Materials: Must have internet access and a valid e-mail address.

The Manitoba Emergency Services College has changed the registration process for the ICS 100 online course. 

The ICS 100 course is available year round except for the month of August. 

Student Course Applications are now processed within two business days of Manitoba Emergency Services College Student Services staff receiving the application. 

Students must provide a valid email address to which a confirmation email with detailed information about the course, withdrawing policy, and access information will be sent.  Students then have 30 days to access the modules and complete the exam.

Student Course Application -please complete and submit directly to the MESC.  Completed applications may also be printed and faxed or emailed to