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Inspection and Technical Services - -Welder Testing Program

General Information

In Manitoba, any person who performs welding processes on equipment or installations regulated by the Steam and Pressure Plants Act and Gas and Oil Burner Act must hold a valid Manitoba High Pressure Welder's Licence issued by Inspection and Technical Services Manitoba. This includes but is not limited to welding processes done on:

  • Boilers, and all other pressure vessels, and
  • Piping in steam heating and process systems; piping in hot water heating and process systems; compressed air systems over 15 psi; refrigeration systems; chemical handling systems; natural gas, propane and fuel oil delivery systems.

There are also other agencies in the province that may require a welder to hold a valid Manitoba High Pressure Welder's Licence even though the welding is being done on equipment that is not regulated under the legislation administered by the Office of the Fire Commissioner.

For instance, a welder must hold Manitoba High Pressure Welder's Licence to meet American Petroleum Institute Code requirements when performing welding processes on API-regulated vessels.

It is the welder's responsibility to ensure that he/she has the licence required for the job at hand.

Practical Pressure Welder Testing Program Information

For information on eligibility, licences and prerequisites, licencing policies, applying for a welding test, performance qualifications on the initial and renewal tests, and performance results from the examination, please consult Practical Pressure Welder Testing Program Information - (pdf). This syllabus is intended to assist a candidate applying to undertake a practical pressure welding test in Manitoba.


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Welding Examination Shop:

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Direct all inquiries to Email: or Telephone: (204) 945-3322

Welding and Brazing Procedure Registrations

The following registration forms apply to welding and brazing procedures (all pdf format)

Welder Testing Examination Fees
Pressure Welder testing is $100 per test, effective September 15, 2013